Raven Necklace

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Sterling Silver, oxidized to enhance the engraving, with 24K Gold inlay.

The necklace is 22" long.

The RAVEN is known as the trickster because of his quick wit and sense of humor. He is curious and symbolizes creativity, prestige and knowledge.

You can order a custom Northwest Coast Native pendant in the size and shape of your choice, in sterling silver, 14K or 18K gold. Settings may be added to the eyes: sapphires, rubies, abalone shell, diamonds or 24K gold inlay. Kwakiutl artist, David Neel has been a Pacific Northwest jewelry designer for over 30 years.

Whether you prefer Haida art, Kwakiutl art, Coast Salish art, or another style of Northwest Native American art we can make a custom Northwest Native pendant to suit your taste. Our Indigenous Canadian pendants and Pacific Northwest necklaces are high quality traditional Northwest coast art pieces in silver and gold.

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